We-Can-Do-It-NintendoThe 2018 Midwest Tecmo Super Bowl planning committee is implementing the first ever “Women’s Tecmo Championship Tournament” which will be played during the Midwest Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament. The tournament will feature eight female competitors who will compete in a single elimination tournament. The Women’s Championship will follow the same rules and format as the main tournament. Availability will be first-come, first-serve and no entry fee will be administered. The winner will crowned “Women’s Champion” and receive a trophy.

If you or anybody you know would be interested in signing up for the Women’s Tecmo Super Bowl Championship Tournament, please e-mail the tournament commissioner at Chris@mwtecmo.com or submit via the contact form to the right.


2013 Women’s Results

First Place: Bert Hunter

Second Place: Di Vogt


2014 Women’s Results

First Place: Charlotte Meach

Second Place: Bert Hunter


2015 Women’s Results

First Place: Bert Hunter

Second Place: Lindsey Poffinbarger


2016 N/A


2017 N/A



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