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MADISON, Wisc. — Tecmo XI: Apocalipps Now will not be lacking its typical spectacle of 8-bit nostalgia, and it certainly will not be nothing short of another bloodbath.

What will be missing is the possibility of a fourth-straight title match between two of Tecmo Super Bowl’s famed performers.

Regardless, the best to ever take the Tecmo helm will meet again in Madison, Wisc., on March 7.

Kyle M., notoriously known as Regulator, will be expecting his first child at any time now and, understandably, will be sitting this one out. Kyle won Tecmo X by beating Madison’s own Chet H.

Chet defeated Kyle in the two Madison tournaments prior (Tecmo VIII and Tecmo IX).

To no surprise, Chet is the tournament’s overall No. 1 seed out of the Hopper Region. The No. 2 seed overall is Matt V. out of the Duvall Region. Matt captured third last year after downing James T. in arguably the best game of the tournament. Kiel’s Jeff B., who recently won Green Bay’s tournament, grabs the tournament’s No. 3 seed from the Sheen Region. Former champion Peter K. returns after a two-year Madison hiatus and owns the tournament’s No. 4 seed out of the Brando Region.

The Hopper Region has stock in Chet alone, but it isn’t the strongest collectively. The toughest region at Tecmo XI is the Sheen Region, followed by Hopper, Brando and then Duvall.


Group 1 — Chet H. rolls through quite possibly the easiest group on paper. John S. fights his way to the Round of 64 by advancing as the loser’s bracket winner.

Group 2 — Jimmy B., another former champion, takes the cake here, while Barry A. shuns off Matthew C. to advance.

Group 3 — Jon J., still feeling the aftershock of Chet H.’s gut-wrenching, tournament-changing kickoff return in the loser’s semifinals of Tecmo IX, uses a stellar group play performance as the start of his return to the Elite 8. He’ll later see Chet H. again this year. Justin L. sneaks out as the loser’s bracket winner to advance.

Group 4 — Chris V. made an uncanny visit to the Elite 8 last year, but he will find out that his run was simply luck. Chris downs Dave N. in the winner’s bracket to move on, while Dave will eventually emerge in the loser’s bracket by beating Jordan W.

Group 5 — Tom B. perseveres to win an interesting bracket. Eric G., Nick G. and Ben P. all attempt to grab the final Round of 64 ticket, but it will be Eric who seals it in the end.

Group 6 — One of the west coast’s most dominating players, Isaac W. makes his first-ever Madison appearance. He also makes a statement by winning his group. Ryan K. sees his way through by advancing from the loser’s bracket by downing Kris K.

Group 7 — Seth B. sees an unscathed visit to the Round of 64, while Eric D. fights past Bryce M. and Dan M. to claim the final spot from this group.

Group 8 — Troy H., a constant Madison hard-hitter, plows through, but he will see a little tension during his contest against David T.


Group 9 — Matt V. overwhelmingly takes care of business. He will find some competition from James K., who prevails in the loser’s bracket.

Group 10 — Josh A. had an Elite 8 appearance last year and will continue to the momentum this year. Joe M. wins the loser’s bracket.

Group 11 — Josh H. fights off last year’s Sweet 16 loss to Jimmy B. and begins his run to the Elite 8 this year. The Godfather of Tecmo, Matt K., advances to the Round of 64 as well.

Group 12 — Matt D. cleans house on his way to a healthy seeding into the 64, while Robert O. muscles a couple victories to move on from the loser’s bracket.

Group 13 — Giorgio F., a Madison newcomer who isn’t a stranger to Tecmo, impresses the field. He and Joseph M. advance in a disguising pool of players that also includes Joe J., Justin O. and Nicolino D.

Group 14 — Adam G. taps his way on top of group play, but finds a struggle against Ira M.

Group 15 — Another west coaster who is poised to prove himself in the midwest, Matt G. makes waves and rides them into the Sweet 16. Nathan M. blogs his way into the Round of 64.

Group 16 — Matt B. and Travis R. battle it out in this group. Both make it either way.


Group 17 — Online phenom Joseph C., better known as JoeyGats, may not have to worry about much as he shreds through his pool play group. Brian R. will most likely squeak out of the loser’s bracket.

Group 18 — Tony O. and his posse annoy their way into the Round of 64, and Tim U. doesn’t get ninja’d by Christopher H. in the loser’s bracket.

Group 19 — Louis B., also known as Mort’s (Francis B.) brother, wins this group. Louis is contested by the youngest Vogt brother Joey V., who takes the loser’s bracket by beating Jason S.

Group 20 — Eric O., an Elite 8 contender last year, looks for a similar performance this year. Jon B. takes down Ryan S. in a juggernaut of a loser’s bracket title game.

Group 21 — Lucas B. dominates this group. Kyle F., also known as Flo, isn’t the laughing stock of the tournament this year. He barely makes it into the Round of 64 before obviously losing. Year after year, however, Flo is without a doubt the best Tecmoer ever.

Group 22 — Rico R. has a little trouble shunning off AJ B. and Pete D. But he wins this group, while AJ downs Pete in the loser’s bracket finale.  

Group 23 — In one of the most talented groups in the field, Tecmo V champion Kevin M. wins the gold here. Jake I., Derek R. and Nick S. battle it out in the loser’s bracket before Derek finds a berth into the 64.

Group 24 — Peter K., the region’s top seed, breezes his way through, while Teddy B. and Jimmy P. battle it out for the final spot. Madison experience sends Jimmy through to the next round.


Group 25 — Dave B. is poised to do better than his first Madison to visit last year. He wins this one, and Aaron H. sneaks in as well.

Group 26 — Mort, also known as Francis B., rebounds from a lackluster 2014, doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel and blows away everyone he plays in this group. Joey S. deems himself victorious in the loser’s bracket.

Group 27 — Jeff B., who constantly brings his A-game, is the top seed in the region. He wipes every opponent, while Curtis C. barely finds his way in.

Group 28 — Matt M., Regulator’s older brother, keeps the winning ways going for the family. The soon-to-be uncle reaches the Sweet 16, while Kris S. will get a shot in the Round of 64.

Group 29 — James T., Skunker, reaches the Sweet 16 with another great run before falling to a fueled Mort. Adam K. downs Kevin C. in the loser’s bracket finals.

Group 30 — One of the most anticipated pool plays to watch, Erik J and Jimmy V. will undoubtedly slug it out for the top spot in this group. Erik takes down Jimmy, who hasn’t played in Madison since TecmoVIII.

Group 31 — Luke C. surges through, while Steve P. and Todd D. battle it out for the final spot. Todd ends up on the winning side.

Group 32 — Matt O. wins this one, but not after hard-fought battles against Trevor O. and Neil R. Trevor beats Neil to advance to the Round of 64.

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