DaboyBy Chris Vogt

AP Tecmo Writer

 LOUISVILLE — Jon Jones sent a message to the Tecmo Super Bowl community earlier this year.

 It wasn’t a verbal message. Actions spoke louder than words on March 2 at Tecmo Madison.

 A subtle Jones, 36, finished in third place at the nation’s largest and longest running TSB tournament, impressing the 200-plus contingent that took aim at the competition.

 “That was awesome,” said Jones, who has been an online force and is commonly known as “Daboy” in the Tecmo community. “It obviously didn’t end the way I wanted it to.”

 Those who stayed to watch the final few games in Madison know exactly why he didn’t like the way it ended.

 “You all know about the infamous Ironhead (Craid Heyward) kickoff touchdown,” Jones recollected about the return last year’s Madison champ Chet Holzbauer took to the house before halftime, sparking Holzbauer’s come-from-behind victory in the Final 3 matchup. “Anything can happen. A few bad breaks in a game and your tournament is over. That’s Tecmo.”

 But that hasn’t kept Jones down.

 “I hope I continue playing well,” the Louisville native said. “I’m hoping I can get a little luck. As anyone knows, to win a big tourney, you need a few breaks to go your way.”

 Jones won’t need too many breaks come July 27. He’s had plenty of tournament experience to bounce back.


What do you do for a living? USPS

Who is your favorite Tecmo player? Cowboys DB Issiac Holt

How long have you been playing Tecmo? “Started when I was about 15, online since 2006.”

Childhood Tecmo story: “Playing friends and family all night long. A lot of hollering and hooting at 3 a.m.; Tecmo hooting that is.”

Describe how neat it is to be a part of a community of video game players as cool as the one we are a part of. “It’s ridiculously cool. I’m sure Madden and the rest of the others don’t have this type of community. After you go to Midwest and Madison, you realize how sweet it is.”

Are you just naturally good at the game or is it the fact that you grew up playing the game? “I’d say natural. Growing up you had no idea the ins and outs of this game. After you get your rear end handed to you, the only option is to learn the many different strategies of this game. When I first started playing online, what I did was print out the plays on a paper. I numbered each different receiver, so basically I knew what receiver I had if I tapped two times or whatever number of times. I had that sheet with me when I first started playing, eventually memorizing it. I finally rid the sheet.”

What has the last few years been like for you regarding your Tecmo career? “A lot of Super Bowl wins, and a lot of Super Bowl losses. Any given Sunday.”

Tecmo is a drug. Describe why? What do those closest to you think about your Tecmo ways? “It’s an easy fix. You can get your fix over in 20 minutes. People think I’m nuts for playing a game this old. They laugh at the graphics. I love it and it’s one of my few hobbies.”

Tell us anything else that we feel people NEED to know about you. “That I think Tecmo Super Bowl is the greatest game ever created on planet Earth.”

Why the AIM handle Daboy? “It was originally daboys821 — same team name as my fantasy team for years (da boys). That was the first thing I thought of when getting a handle. After a little while, I had to go solo, I dropped the S for another 8.”


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